Ministry to Street Children in Kenya
"The Least of These"

In August 2003, a team of eight from Living Water Lutheran Church of Elk Grove, CA traveled to Kisumu, Kenya. It would be a trip that would change their lives.

Stephanie Midthun, wife of Senior Pastor Joel, met a woman by the name of Darla Calhoun earlier that year. Darla told her about a home and school for street boys she began ten years ago in Kisumu, called Agape Children's Ministry. Agape is now at full capacity, housing 114 young boys. In Kisumu alone there are approximately 800 street children; there are 115 million worldwide (the latest UN statistic).

In Stephanie's words: "I sense that God's heart breaks for the helpless orphans of the world and so my prayer became, 'Lord, break my heart for the things that break Your heart.' And the Lord answered my prayer. At times the pain in my chest was almost more than I could bear. I cried out to Him and asked, 'Lord, do You not see these needs? Please, do something!' After crying out for Him to do something, I felt Him call to me, 'Stephanie, I want you to do something. YOU are My hands and feet.'"

Living Water Lutheran has answered that challenge by raising money to help expand Agape so it can house more of the orphans. Living Water doesn't own its own building, yet they have started a building program for the orphanage in Kenya. In addition, the church has recorded the CD featured on this page. It is a compilation of worship songs that reflect their heart's cry. You will hear singing by some of the boys at Agape on four of the tracks. Geoffrey, the boy in the photo, sings a solo on two of the songs. (When Stephanie first sent this CD to our office, we couldn't hold back our tears.)

How can you help?
Order the CD - All proceeds go directly to Agape Children's Ministry.
Cost: $15.00 Make your check payable to "Lutheran Renewal" and we will send Agape the money. (Please go to our "Resources" page to select this CD.)

Sponsor a child - $70.00 a month covers the costs of school, housing, and clothing for one boy. Contact Agape through their website,, to find out how to start.

Give directly to Agape - Make checks payable to: Agape Children's Ministry and designate the donation to "Agape Building Program." Address: Agape Childrens' Ministry; P.O. Box 576645; Modesto, CA 95357-6645.

If you have questions about the CD, or if you would like to book the concert, "The Least of These", please contact Joel and Stephanie at:

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